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Broadband Network Provisioning


Broadband Network Provisioning

This case study focuses on the successful implementation of Salesforce to streamline circuit management. The client, a leading provider of broadband circuits to public organizations, faced challenges in efficiently managing its operations. Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds were strategically deployed to address these challenges and improve operational efficiency.

Business Challenge:

The business was tasked with tracking and provisioning circuits for public organizations on an annual basis. This involved initiating a procurement process to obtain pricing from qualified vendors and awarding contracts based on bid evaluation. However, they faced challenges in managing the several hundreds of circuits, relying on spreadsheets to track installations and coordinate with vendors and public entities. Manual processes and the absence of a centralized data repository further hindered efficient workflow management, creating a need for a streamlined business process solution.

Salesforce Implementation for Circuit Management:

The client implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud and customized the solution to meet the unique circuit management requirements.

Data modeling involving custom objects was designed to capture and organize public entities, their contact information from approved databases, and specific circuit-related data, enabling a structured approach to circuit management. Flows were created to automate and streamline the provisioning process, guiding users through each step and ensuring adherence to standardized procedures.

Pricing calculations were integrated within the Salesforce system, empowering the client to generate accurate and consistent pricing for circuits based on various factors such as bandwidth, circuit type, and specific customer needs. This eliminated the reliance on manual calculations, reducing the risk of errors.

The tailored Salesforce implementation played a pivotal role in optimizing the provisioning process. The system provided a centralized and unified platform where all circuit-related information could be easily accessed and managed. This facilitated efficient coordination between different teams involved in the circuit management process, minimizing delays and enhancing overall accuracy. This resulted in faster turnaround times, enhanced operational efficiency, and an improved customer experience for public organizations relying on broadband services.

Additionally, the outreach team was able to track the sales activities performed by leveraging the pipeline management and campaigns in Salesforce, resulting in effective and proactive engagements with prospects and increasing the customer base.

The implementation of a customized Salesforce solution for circuit management transformed operations, improving accuracy and reducing inefficient manual processes. The business experienced increased accuracy, faster provisioning, and improved customer satisfaction, establishing a solid foundation for efficient broadband service delivery.

Success Metrics:

  • Centralized and unified platform for accessing and managing circuit-related information
  • Reduction in manual processes for circuit management
  • Increase in accuracy of circuit tracking and provisioning
  • Faster turnaround times for circuit provisioning
  • Enhanced operational efficiency in circuit management
  • Improved customer satisfaction with broadband service delivery
  • Minimized delays in the circuit management process
  • Increased efficiency and productivity in the outreach team’s sales activities
  • Improved coordination and collaboration between teams involved in circuit management
  • Enabled focus on high-value activities like customer engagement and strategic initiatives
  • Increased customer base through effective and proactive engagements with prospects